Before making a decision to adopt a doberman puppy it is important for you to know all the facts about it so that you make a sound choice. Let us start with the origin of the dog. Doberman was first developed around 1890 by Karl Louis Dobermann who was said to be a tax collector from Germany. These dogs are anywhere between medium to large size range and are also called gentle giants sometimes. Apart from this there are a certain signs that you can find in an genuine doberman like all the different marks on their chest, legs, tails, and above the eyes.

Dobermans are considered to be highly intelligent and this makes them a perfect choice for families which are looking for security dogs. Apart from this doberman can usually be trained to do a wide variety of task including learning, communication, and problem solving. The positive effects of adopting a doberman do not end over here. According to recent studies it is proved that a doberman is the highest rated intelligent dog in the world. They are the easiest dogs to train as per the same studies and surveys conducted among various breeders


However, this great dog breed also has a few setbacks which keeps families away from adopting it usually. Dobermans are considered to be extremely aggressive and furious which gives rise to a stereotype. But what you should never forget is that a doberman was originally developed as a personal protection dog which is why it has all these traits. A good breeder can still tame the aggressiveness of a doberman to a great extent which is why we personally hire only the best that the industry has to offer.