German Shepherd

Over the years dobermans have been crossed with various other breeds of dogs. This makes it all the more difficult to answer the question about all the different types of doberman breed that there are in the world. However what is still possible is to give you an idea of the dog breeds that have been crossed with doberman to develop a new one altogether. Here is a small list that we have created.

Rottweiler German Pinscher Great Dane German Shepherd Manchester Terrier English Greyhound

These are the names of only a few breeds that we know of as of now. There is a possibility that there are various other crossed doberman breeds that exist without people knowing about it entirely. Apart from the looks of these crossed breeds another aspect with give them a mark of differentiation is the fact that it camouflages the general traits of a doberman. This has proven to be one of the major reasons why people looking for a security dog opt for a genuine breed.

Mixed breed dobermans are usually not ideal for security and are also not the most intelligent one. Besides if the breed is crossed with a wrong one then there might be some medical or physical issues that the owners might have to face with time. That is why it is usually recommended to adopt a purebred dog always.